Variables documentation in phoneprov.conf for PJSIP?


After reading [1], I’m discovering phoneprov.conf with PJSIP.

  1. Where can I find documentation about PJSIP’s available variables in phoneprov.conf ?

  2. More specifically, using USERNAME worked OK but SECRET does not.

My /etc/asterisk/pjsip_wizard.conf includes:
inbound_auth/username = 9150
inbound_auth/password = 123456
endpoint/mailboxes = 9150
has_phoneprov = yes
phoneprov/MAC = 0123456789ab
phoneprov/profile = yealink

My template file includes:
account.1.user_name = {USERNAME} account.1.password = {SECRET}

Generated file includes:
account.1.user_name = 9150
account.1.password =

I expected to get a generated file with
account.1.user_name = 9150
account.1.password = 123456

Which variable name shall I use instead of SECRET ?

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Replying to myself, it seems:

  • [2] is the reference I was looking after
  • using both pjsip_wizard and phoneprov seems quite buggy (maybe due to [3])

I started all over with a plain pjsip.conf configuration and this time, SECRET and USERNAME worked flawlessly.

Still, I don’t understand at all, how to use LINEKEYS and LINE variables but I’ll open a dedicated topic, I think.

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