What causes PJSIP transport shutdown?

Noob question here. I’m trying to debug an issue where my softphones (Linphone) loose registration after longer periods of inactivity. Looking at my asterisk logs I will occasionally see lines like this:

res_pjsip_registrar.c: Removed contact 'sip:101@;transport=TLS' from AOR '101' due to transport shutdown

I’m not sure if this is the root of the problem or not, but I don’t really understand what the message is telling me. What does it mean that the transport shutdown? What could cause that?

If the underlying connection is dropped, then the transport is shutdown and the contact is removed as the active connection is gone.

Thanks, as always, for the very fast reply.

Could you clarify a bit? What underlying connection are we talking about? I didn’t think that Asterisk maintained a persistent connection with endpoints.

From my understanding, Asterisk periodically checks if an endpoint is reachable but doesn’t keep an open connection. Sorry for the basic question. Are there any docs you can point me to that explain this?

It depends on the type of transport in use. UDP is connectionless so there is no connection. You are using TLS which uses TCP underneath. That means there is an active TCP connection. If that TCP connection drops or disconnects, then you see what you are seeing. Most endpoints don’t allow you to connect back to them - they require an active connection.

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Interesting. I didn’t realize there was an active TCP connection all the time. Since these phones are on mobile devices which routinely go to sleep, that explains why the connections are being dropped.

Thanks for the clarification. That is very helpful.

Did u try CSipSimple or MizuDroid as an android client?

Thanks for the suggestions. I did look into both of those options. CSipSimple hasn’t been updated since 2014 which is definitely concerning. As for MizuDroid, that one looks interesting. I’m just a bit wary about trusting my communications to a closed source app. Do you have any personal experience with it?

Maybe you can try here to search for newer version:
…but it seams to be same as on google play…
Thx for opening my eyes, I didn’t realised that it is so old version…and that they stoped with developement.
The date of uploaded file cheteed me.