Shutting down transport since no request was received in 32 seconds

I have a Mitel 6867i and its backup proxy server is an Asterisk server.

Apparently, the phone opens a TLS connection to the backup server even though it doesn’t use it, since the primary server is working. This results in the following every couple of minutes:

[2024-01-24 20:29:10] NOTICE[5204]: res_pjsip/pjsip_transport_management.c:170 idle_sched_cb: Shutting down transport ‘TLS to x.x.x.x:53611’ since no request was received in 32 seconds

Is there a way to suppress this message without suppressing all notices?

No. It is a standard NOTICE.

Thanks. I’m going to try to change LOG_NOTICE to LOG_DEBUG in the source and recompile. I know approximately zero C so we’ll see if I can do that simple thing without blowing everything up.

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