Ways to "listen" on extensions?

We need a way of recording sounds clips of seperate extensions in an office environment. The offices are already wired with some other non-VoIP phone system. The goal is when an extension is in use, Asterisk records that extension into the format of choice. We are not looking to integrate in with the current PBX, but only patch into each line right in the office.

We would probably be running Asterisk on small Debian boxes to handle this. Is there a way for Asterisk to listen on an extension, without interupting the extension?

Any ideas for this would be greatly appreciated.

This is going to be used for phone training to analyze calls at a hotel.

it sounds to me as if you don’t want Asterisk at all, but a few telephone recorders that you wrap around the cables to the extensions.

if Asterisk isn’t going to be handling calls, it’s going to be difficult to get it to do anything much.

Well the reason I wanted to use Asterisk is because the linux box needs to be network accessible from a web gui we’re build. I was going to setup mysql_cdr to record all the calls to the database, where each call would be tied to a sound file. We could download and manage sounds files from all of our properties from one single interface.