WebRTC - Asterisk

I had successfully configured sipml5 with asterisk and it is working fine…but sometimes in any other pc i am getting the below errors …

What is the meaning and cause of the error?
how can i solve it permanently?



Please give solution to these errors

The first is likely due to the Javascript within the WebRTC client on the browser. The second may be just that, that it failed to connect. You’d need to dig deeper for both.

Failed to connect to the server it is working fine in some systems…but in the other end or system it showing error like this

Then investigate it further. Look at the address it is attempting to use. Check the Javascript console. Attempt to connect and verify the system can indeed connect. Do packet captures.

Ok Thanks @jcolp
Can i use stun ( other than google) and turn server for avoiding these problems?

No? The problems are from the Javascript and appear to be from before a call is even initiated, unless you are now referring to a different issue. STUN doesn’t help with that.

Plz check Browser Version and there may be a difference. If this will not help then check Broswer Consol log for more details about this.

I had tried with different browser version and updated the version and check but no solution & I had checked the console log but that will not help for me to overcome this issue