Wahey operational PBX! now need PHP ideas!

Hey guys…

I’m running an operational test * PBX now, hooked up to two FXO’s and a number of SIP clients. I’m looking for an implementation for my final year project of a great idea… through a web based service in PHP/AGI.

bytesurgery.com/blog/2005/11 … -a-phrase/ is my blog with my current idea.

I’m looking for help with…

A) any feedback!
B) a good PHP/AGI tutorial (to suppliment the O’Reilly book)

Have you had a look at phpagi.sourceforge.net? Also, have a look through here:


GabCast - Darn! My idea is done!! back to the drawing board then!!

Thanks very much for those links… I will go explore.

Hmmm I have another one:

Read at: bytesurgery.com/blog/2006/01 … -asterisk/

Comments appreciated.