Web configure/management interface

Hi all, i have just used asterisk. I want to buid an asterisk system for some one to use, but the user is not necessary to nkow about linux and asterisk system( as configure files). Now i think it’s impossible with web configure interface,useful for simple user to configure:creat new user,new mailbos, context,extension;management,etc… and i know this software existed, but i can’t search it.
Please help me to find and use it.Thanks!

You can use the AsteriskGUI built by Digium or FreePBX which has more features and is more mature.

I know the enthusiasm one has to share asterisk with friends and business associates. But when you say your user does not know linux or asterisk you have to define what that means to you. In my experience at least, the only technically savvy people I run into are in this forum or in the #asterisk IRC channel. When I have tried this with friends and even what I thought were technically savvy users, the time it took to get even the simplest configurations done and then the maintenance never proved to be worth it. So I would strongly suggest that you have a way of logging into your users server via ssh to take care of things yourself.

Thank for your message. I think you are missunderstanding about my mean. My mean, i’m an engineer, and i want to build an asterisk system for someone to use. Ofcourse, i have to know asterisk system, linux OS, and something to build. But i want to share my system for someone, who mustn’t know alot about it, example enter sip.conf, extension.conf by konsole or path to configure, change and creat. I want they have a web interface, where they can configure and management. This web interface maybe is at asterisk sever or logging via ssh as you told.That’s all.
Thank you.