We need to host mutliple trixbox for more than one company i

We have a need to be able to host more than one trixbox on the same box. Would server virtualization be an option. I am running it as a VM using VMWARE server and it seems to be ok. We will only run sip so no need for special hardware.

I See that there are other vendor out there like lilyx who are offering this service? Does it work well.

The choppiness seems to be fixed if we rebuild the centos kernel with a vmware patch. Any suggestion on how to configure this box would be appreciated.

Is Xen a better option?

I would put multiple tenants on the same box and separate them through dialplan. I “in my experience” have found the quality of calls through a vm into * are degraded and hardware support(vmware,virtualiron) for cards also comes into play, then on top of that what if there are vlans etc involved. In other words it is easier(for me) to manage multiple “clients” on one box then multiple clients on multiple vm’s.


that may be an option but we are trying to reuse a more complete solution like FreePBX. I am aware they have a module for multiple context as well.

Try flatplanetphone.com We offer Virtual PBX’s. Full white label solution.