Using Asterisk on a server with other apps

I have a Trixbox LAMP server on the cloud that gets minimal use. Current use is near zero and that will grow to about 200 minutes a day in six months. It’s possible that up to two simultaneous calls will happen, but that will be extremely rare.

The server is a scalable VPS where it is easy to add resources in chunks of 0.4GHz CPU/256MB RAM/250GB Bandwidth (up to 7.2GHz/4608MB/4500GB per server). We’ll need much less than half of that power for our other applications.

Would it be reasonable to add our other applications to the Trixbox server that has been optimized for VOIP? The server will have to be hardened with the usual bag of tricks. Does that create other considerations? Thanks.

I think you are talking about a virtual machine. The issue here is not what applications share the same virtual machine but which ones share the host machine. IP telephony is very sensitive to scheduling delays, so, even if you average many GHz of CPU power in the medium to long term, short term unavailability can cause your VoIP to break up.

I don’t know about the technology you are using, but VMWare is not really suitable for low latency (low jitter) applications.

Thanks David. That’s a fair point, but the hardware in this environment has been tuned to support VOIP. I’m not overly technical so I can’t provide details, but I know it works.

I’m still hoping to get feedback on adding other apps to the Asterisk server. Assuming that otherwise the server works well with Asterisk and there are sufficient resources, can other standard LAMP applications or typical server hardening techniques compromise the Asterisk functionality?


what are the “other applications” you have in mind?


Good question. Custom PHP/MySQL applications and Joomla.