we are interested in moving off of twilio onto our own hosted platform

we are interested in moving off of twilio onto our own hosted platform and we would like to know the costs of doing so and what it would cost to set up a test enviroment to assesss it?


Based on the information you have provided about what this system would be
required to do, we have no idea.


I assume that you are using Twilio as a CPaaS. Asterisk can be a CPaaS. However, you really need to know Asterisk and it’s APIs (and probably be familiar with SIP Servers like Kamailio/OpenSIPs) to build your own CPaaS.

With being said, although this is the Asterisk Community Forums, if you are willing to build your own CPaaS, you may find it easier doing it with Jambonz/Drachtio.

But to answer your question: The cost would be server hosting, the time learning the softwares and languages or hiring developers/consultants.

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ok, so we currrently use these API calsl and TwiML tags:

These api.twilio.com endpoints:


TwiML tags used:



we are paying a ridiculous amount for this now.

since what we are actually using from twilio is not massive, we wanted to pay someone to help us figure this out.

currently we have purchased numbers on twilio, so it seems that it would be possible to drop costs immediately or close to it if we do SIP trunking and just keep a light skin of the twilio APIs in place for now.

we would welcome any ideas, and we have the budget for this.

obviosuly, if you ahve helped anyone get off of twilios expensive platform in some fashion, that would be a huge plus.

i will provide any and all details as needed.

we currently handle 450,000 calls a month in 34 states.


This is all doable with Asterisk (besides number lookup), but not out of the box, which means you’ll need to build a lot of stuff in ARI and/or AMI.

As mentioned, with Jambonz, which btw is open source, allows you to do most of this “out of the box”

So the in short:

Can you build a CPaaS on top of Asterisk? Yes.
Should you build a CPaaS on top of Asterisk? Up to you…

Feel free to PM me.

can’t find PM but my email is silvacarl@gmail.com for anyone who may have ideas on how to go about this project.



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