PJSIP help wanted

I’ve been trying to convert my Asterisk from SIP where it’s been working fine for close to 14 years to PJSIP and I keep failing. I have 9 phones and 3 providers, Twilio, Flowroute and one incoming number from ipcomms.net. I’m looking for someone to help me.

what is your difficulty?
already have an asterisk server with active pjsip?

No, I’ve never had PJSIP working. I need it done soon or Twilio will stop working. I’m looking for someone to pay to solve this for me. I’m sure once I have working version I’ll be able to maintain it,

One thing you can do to not lose all the functionality of your legacy IPBX is to upload an asterisk pjsip and configure the trunk with twilio and forward it through another trunk as your IPBX.
Legacy IPBX > PJSIP IPBX > Twilio

Thanks for your reply. This is just a basic PBX for incoming only calls. Can I set this up using the CLI? It’s just one DID, No other extensions or functionality. I just want to see if a DID works.

Is your DID a sip trunk too?
If you can, yes.

In this case, I would do it in the asterisk configuration files.
If the two IPBX are on the same network it is easy to connect, the biggest job is to configure twilio.

Does your legacy IPBX have many extensions?
If it’s easy to migrate everything after setting up twilio it’s better not to keep two servers.
Is your legacy IPBX in the cloud or on premises?

It’s interesting to raise all the specifications, maybe I can help you with that.

It’s a DID from didforsale. I have Asterisk on a Google Cloud VM. My softphone is not on the same network - using internet to connect via Zoiper. I don’t know what to put in the .conf files. Do you have template?

Do you use pure asterisk or in some framework?

If you still need more help please DM I am using Twilio SIP trunk in our environment.

If you have one softphone only connected to asterisk which goes connected to your provider, why not connect your softphone to provider without asterisk in the middle ?

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