WARNING chan_sip.c: sip_xmit returned -2: Interrupted system

This looks like an Asterisk bug.
Unfortunately the log is verbosity 3.
We are running Asterisk with FreePBX

Last valid call was at 13:06 from 5144390648 to Dest 5147489836. It get’s disconnected with
"[2011-05-01 13:06:54] WARNING[3160] chan_sip.c: sip_xmit of 0xb68262b0 (len 608) to returned -2: Interrupted system call"

and then Asterisk is locked up until I reboot the system.

During that time I was actually on another call “9721818…” and even though the call did not get disconnected it was not recorded in the CDR.

I don’t know how to attach a file so the log is available at this link:
(replace hxxp:// with http)

Search for the string ***. This is the actual untouched log. At 13:06 Asterisk locks up and the log stops recording for 15 minutes. Then it starts recording again but Asterisk is still locked up and we can’t make outbound calls.




Actually, he already has submitted a bug report (#0019212). Unfortunately, it is for a version that is no longer accepting bug reports (as of April 21st)!

Does that mean the issue is resolved in version
or does it mean that no one will look at it?

If they follow their procedures correctly, you will be requested to reproduce it on 1.8.x, or demonstrate that is has security implications (in which case you shouldn’t have posted publicly). If you don’t, it will get closed with no change required.

They probably won’t explicitly ask about security issues.

(I think they will actually close it with “suspended” status.)

Alright. I’ll wait and see. Thanks for the reply.
Unfortunately they seem to expect everyone who posts a bug to be a programmer
or beta tester, which I am not, but that does not mean the bug does not exists.

Not sure I understand your comment about “security implications” though.
Asterisk simply locks up and does not allow any more inbound or outbound trunk calls.
While highly disruptive and damaging to our business I don’t see any security implications there.

It’s the same basic principle as Windows XP. If you try and report a normal bug in Windows XP it will never be fixed in Windows XP, but if you manage to convince them that there are security implications, it will probably end up going out in an upcoming second Tuesday in the month.

I happen to think that they pulled a fast one when they decided that 1.6 would only have a short life and one would have to upgrade to 1.8 for extended support, but those are the rules they set.

I see a lot of reports against 1.6, some against earlier 1.6’s which were closed some time ago. They tend to get ignored, unless they are really support requests, in which case someone may answer them off topic. Eventually they get closed when they have a purge of New bug reports.

I suspect there will a fair amount of disquiet as people begin to discover about:

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … k+Versions