Any SIP PBX that doesn't require nightly reboot?

I’ve been using many flavors of Asterisk (including Trixbox) for about a year and a half now… In that time, I have been unable to find a “Stable” SIP PBX. I’m on the hunt for a PBX that can handle roughly 40 concurrent calls with call recording enabled and won’t require me to reboot it every 8 hours. I’ve worked out every logged bug in my code base along with all core-dumping bugs, yet Asterisk will die randomly and without error, ending all calls. Anyone have a truly stable setup they could share?


What are you doing with asterisk? Queues? ChanSpy? What specific versions of asterisk have you used? Have you compiled with Don’t Optimize and sent backtraces to the bug tracker? Do the backtraces point to anything specific? Do you have a hardware problem? (Does the problem follow the same server?) Are your disks fast enough to handle the recording of that many channels concurrently?
Asterisk is fairly stable and should not crash every 8 hours. If it is consistent and can be replicated, it can be fixed.

I’m assuming that the disks are fast enough, because the load rarely goes over 0.10. As far as it being a hardware problem, I’m not running into any problems in any other processes/modules and I’ve have no complaints from the wanpipe module…

It’s very strange, the box itself is very stable, Asterisk will just quit periodically for apparently no reason. But I’ve had this problem in other boxes as well.

I guess I’ll try compiling with backtraces on.

I made a software to reboot it every 8 hours.

You are not supposed to restart it or having a software that does it. Mines are weeks, even months up, with many more channels than that.

However I did have 1 or 2 once that had crashes. I did what was already advised in this thread and compiled with traces to find out the issue.

[quote=“telecomchina”]I made a software to reboot it every 8 hours.[/quote]
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