Warning about Cisco SIP 8.3 (or maybe it's just me)

Hello all,

It seems to break the MWI. After I upgraded the firmware to 8.3 the MWI stopped working and I noticed the following entry in my log:

Got SIP response 400 “Bad Request” back from is the IP address of my 7960. I tried changing the VM context I used both @default and @device. It made no difference. I downgraded back to 8.2 and the MWI lit up as soon as the phone finished booting.

I just thought I’d let poeple know. I’m using AAH 2.8 & FreePBX 2.1.


I found that I needed to remove the @device part from the mailbox entry to make MWI work on v8.3, hope that helps.

I upgraded my sip firmware on cisco 7940/60 to v 8.3. Once i did that i could no longer connect to asterisk server. username and auth mismatch. this was working fine until the upgrade. any ideas

try “qualify=no” for the sip.conf entry