Want to announce CallerID over UDP

I have several MythTV devices on my home network, and I would like to splash CallerID information on any active screen. I use a VOIP provider that does not expose my SIP credentials, so I presume I cannot get the CID/CNAM information onto my network directly from the VOIP device. My thought was to broadcast the CID info onto the network using UDP and then pick that up using whatever tool works best on the receiving end. Maybe YAC or similar.

I found an old PCI modem laying around, so I installed that into a linux box and tried to get NCID working, but didn’t make any headway. Not sure if that was a dead-end proposition or not. Read some things about PCI modems being “dumb”, so I am not sure if I just have an modem that can’t work. This modem idea seems like the easiest way to go, short of using the VOIP device itself which I presume I cannot without SIP credentials.

It just so happens that I have a TDM-400 card, so I thought I might try using that with asterisk to accomplish my goal. Over the last few days, I have managed to get asterisk up and running, along with FreePBX. I have the TDM card installed, and recognized by the OS. With a phone line connected to the card, I can see the port go active from dahdi_tool. Bottom line is that I think I have the environment set up and ready to go.

I am looking for guidance on how to proceed. Can Asterisk be configured to pick up incoming CID/CNAM information using the TDM card? Without otherwise getting involved in my phone calls (e.g., answering, routing, etc.)? It may seem odd, but I really don’t want asterisk to do anything else except the CID task. Unless there is something really fantastic that it can do in conjunction with my voip service that I am unaware of.

If I am way out in left field, feel free to let me know.



If your calls are coming and going via a SIP provider, then you don’t need to involve an analog interface card to get the caller ID name and number. That information is going to come from your provider and will be accessible to asterisk via the CallerID dialplan function, see:

wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … n_CALLERID

Once you’ve got that information, you could use something like the Curl dialplan function to post that information to a generic web service, that you could tie into your other systems.


To do that, do I need for my VOIP provider to expose SIP credentials, or whatever it’s called? I use Phone Power and they keep things locked down…


Okay, so you don’t already have Asterisk tied into it anad you’re probably coming off the FXS port of some silly adapter into the analog FXO port of the telephony card?

The CallerID function is still valid.


If you were talking TCP…
I did something I called CID pop. It was nice and simple and all it really needed was a few-line perl script (bash coulda been fine too) and the gtk notify-send utility. Basically the callerid variable was passed to an AGI that ssh’d into all computers on my LAN and then passed the callerid to notify-send. It just so happens that all computers in my lan (3) are all running GNOME. I am sure this is a more elegant way to pull this and would love to know how. If you want anymore details let me know.