Hi All,

I have some problem with the waiting for extension to be dialed, the asterisk will only detect the first digit inputted and immediately find the exten to call, it will not detect 2 or more digit. Do anyone know why it is like that?

Thank you for any advice.

Are you sure that it is not the phone thats sending the call imediately? Most phones have the own digit map that can be edited for your own environment.

I just try the demo dialplan provided by the sample configuration file, tried with PSTN and sip phone, the asterisk only detect the first digit and dial out immediately without waiting or detecting the 2nd or more digit…

Thank you.

WaitExten only waits for one digit, it’s used for the menus of the ivrs (automated attendants), if you need to input more digits to route a call just use a dial plan pattern or use Read() to collect digits.


Marco Bruni