Problem in understanding waitexten()

Hi All,
I am new in asterisk world. i tried to understand the code for dial plan application waitexten(). As i understand from code "ast_waitfordigit_full()"
waits only for single DTMF digit and returns from function when control frame for “AST_FRAME_DTMF_END” is detected.
but as i used this application in dial plan, i was able to collect more than one digit brfore timeout.
I am not able to get what is wrong in my understanding.

Thanks In advance,
rahul N jadhav

I’m not a code guru, but i think every dtmf has a begin and end marker.

WFE will accept digits until a timeout is reached or a match is hit in the dialplan. If you have extensions set up for 0-9 in your dialplan, any DTMF will stop it, but most dialplans don’t use all 10 digits. It is probably not advisable to do so, but would be a good test for learning.