Wait for answer when use callfile

I have a callfile and paste it to outgoing folder as below:

channel: SIP/To_Avaya_PEER/20022
callerid: 1788888888
waittime: 300
context: from-primas
extension: 100
priority: 1
account: primas
archive: no
alwaysdelete: yes
I want to keep the call in queue (longer than 3 minutes or forever) without using MaxRetries . But after about 3 minutes waiting for answer, “Channel SIP/To_Avaya_PEER/20022 expired without completion after 0 attempts”. How can i do? I set waittime longer(3 minutes) but it does not work. Please help.

Channel SIP/To_Avaya_PEER/20022 need to answer the call If not Asterisk will use WaitTime: number to determine how many seconds to wait for an answer before the call fails (ring cycle).

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I am not sure whether this is the right approach.

If the call enters a queue, it has been technically answered, so waittime is then irrelevant. If the call does not enter the queue, there might be another problem.

Does your call file work without a queue, or do you use the word “queue” in a more general sense?

We don’t know how Avaya handles queues. Asterisk doesn’t answer calls to queues automatically, when it is the recipient of the call, although, as public networks generally don’t support early media from end users, you generally need to answer if you want to send comfort messages, or music on hold.