Queued call expired without completion after 0 attempts

Hi ,

Please guide me in this issue

i am using Asterisk, when i start outgoing call (isdn), they becomes stop after few minutes, showing following on cli

Error: [color=#FF0000]pbx_spool.c:443 scan_service: Queued call to dahdi/g0/3156111111 expired without completion after 0 attempts

My callfile is :

Channel: dahdi/g0/3156111111
MaxRetries: 0
WaitTime: 25
Context: default
Extension: 800
Priority: 5
CallerID: “abc xyz” <2111111111>
Archive: Yes

then i need to restart asterisk & some time also delete files from outgoing folder. I am making call file from perl script, using touch/open then move file to outgoing folder, i also add 1 second delay between file move, so it should not be file create time issue.

How problem can be solve, what should be problem reason ? (any way to test before upgrade or downgrade asterisk version)