.call file - how to determine timeout ringing zap channel?

With a .call file, one specifies the wait time for the call. However, once asterisk passes the call over to a Zap channel, the call is considered answered even though the phone has just started to ring.

This is not a problem with sip or iax2 channels which provide true call answer detection.

How is a “still ringing” timeout (or waittime) determined for .call files when using a Zap channel? In other words, how do I tell asterisk to hang up after ringing too long on a zap channel when calling from a .call file?


maxretries: 3
retrytime: 60
waittime: 60

Thanks bubba,

This works for sip and iax2 calls as there is true answer detection to wait for with the waittime setting. But for zap channels, asterisk considers the call ‘answered’ once it is passed to the zap channel. It seems there is a potential for an infinite call time if the phone just keeps ringing.

I think the only thing to do is set a timeout(absolute)=60 early in the dial plan, and then if the backgrounddetect succeeds in detecting someone picking up the call, then cancel the timeout with timeout(absolute) = 0.


I have not had that issue …YET…I guess

the only ZAPTEL call I make go to cell phones and other offices with voice mail, so the calls are always answered one way or another.