Number of rings to answer the phone line

Is there a way to set the auto attendant to answer the phone on the 3rd-4th ring? Right now its answering the phone on the 1st ring…
I am using the x100p card from a POTS line.
I would like the chance to answer the phone line before Asterisk picks it up.

Thanks for any help.


You can answer the line, ring multiple devices for X seconds, then go to the auto attendant.

Extn => s,1,wait(3)
Extn => s,2, Answer()

What file would I edit to make the above changes?


Find out where you’re processiing inbound pstn calls and modify as above

The wait function is number of seconds, not rings, so adjust as appropriate


Are you using Asterisk or Asterisk@Home?

I am using Asterick@Home

Thank you everyone, this forum is great!
Hopefully I will have something to contribute once I get a better grasp on Asterisk. Only found Asterisk and had it installed for 1 day thus far :smiley: