Volunteers Needed for FREE Dynamic DNS Services


Due to my recent experience with voip, openser, and asterisk, I will be conducting an experiment. Therefore, i am offering free Dynamic DNS Services for 6 months, which could be extended longer than the 6 months or extinguished before the six month duration (as this is an experiment). Therefore, any volunteers who need Dynamic DNS services consisting of SRV, NAPTR, MX, A, etc. records for dynamic ip addresses please visit dns.t4tm.net/usign.asp to sign up and then download an ip updater client for the machine you wish to service. Allow up to 24 hours for records to be created for your domain.

Please note, you must have a domain name and be willing and able to add my name servers to wherever you registered your domain name. My name servers are ns11.t4tm.net and ns12.t4tm.net. The service is offered to volunteers needing SIP SVR or NAPTR records using the udp and sdp protocol - but during the setup of these records, you will also be issued A and MX records as well. (Also, once receiving up to 50 volunteers, this services will be closed and no longer accepting new registrants.)