Volume decrese during the call

Hi all,

I have a two asterisk server. Server A is running asterisk 1.62 on a vps server and Server B is running on a normal pc with tdp400 fxo card. I have a sip trunk (g729) trunk with another operator. Call is coming from him to server A and send that call to server B via another sip trunk (g729) and that call is send via server B TDM card. This server A and server B connecting via IP sec tunnel. My problem is when call is coming from other person, he complain me the call volume varying time to time. I also observed that the call volume is decreasing during the call.

I change the codecs and tested the scenario. But the result was same. Any one can tell me what can be the problem.

Please advice.

It pretty much has to be in the phones, or where the conversion to analogue happens in the PTT’s network.

Did you mean on the FXO card ?

I misread the TDM as implying ISDN. It will be in the analogue part of the system, which includes the analogue side of the FXO card, but also the analogue parts of the external network and the analogue part of any IP phone involved.

Your best approach is to request support from the card’s supplier or manufacturer, to eliminate the card.