VOIP Providers and Toll Free numbers

Not really an asterisk issue, but I was wondering what others thought about this issue.

As most of my business relies on a IAX2 VOIP provider and the multiple toll free numbers I can let my clients use. Now the VOIP provider says that I have control of the number, but how hard is it to change the number to a different service. Im afraid that in the event that the VOIP provider shutsdown, how can I quickly get my services back up and running with the toll free numbers that I used with them?

Unfortunately, porting a toll-free number can be a rather slow process. If the party you are porting to is themselves a RESPORG, it’ll be a bit faster. Even still, you should allow a month for a port to go through. While you may get it sooner, it’s not like porting a wireless number. It’s not a solution for a line that’s gone down. If you, your business, or your customers depend on the numbers, they should be with a provider in whom you have confidence.