Number Portability Asterisk Configuration Changes

Hi Team,

Number portability has to be done by the MyNetFone from Telstra. But what configuration change I have to do on the Asterisk PBX server.

Do I need to do any changes on the Asterisk VOIP server ? Currently customer is using the phone lines of Telstra and they want to move the same number basically number portability from Telstra to MyNetFone.

What changes I have to make on the Asterisk VOIP Server ?


That question need to be answered by your new carrier, if they support Asterisk they should tell you how you authenticate agaisnt them using ip addres or username and password, any custom caller id you need to send on the outbound calls, codec supported

The new carrier can do, but the concern is that what are all the changes i have to do to make the same work.


I belive i need to modify the sip.conf file and enter the details of the new SIP provider and make sure that the Asterisk Server is able to reach to the Public IPs of the new SIP Provider ?

If you dont define new carrier information on your sip configuration file you need to enable guest calls in order the inbound calls to work assuming they re sending the call to rechable SIP URI

Ok, Thanks. i will take care of this.

This is totally correct

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