Voip over DSL what do you think?

I am installing a Asterisk box at a location where Sprint DSL is AVAL
5MB down and 640K up . Do you think that is ok to Run VOIP on?

Someone once told me not to use DSL. All sites i installed in the past are T1 and cable.


Shouldnt be a problem, Just work all the capacity on around 65% of the uplink speed .

cool, cuz for $89 a month for a business location im not passing that up .

We tested DSL 1MB download 256 upload and asterisk can handle 2 simultaneous outgoing calls. 3 with no additional traffic.

just a note- you NEED qos controls on WAN links like DSL. Most routers support it, make sure its set up and correctly configured and it will save you a lot of problems :smile: