VOIP Installation

Project Title: VOIP installation
Project Budget: Between $250 and $500

Description :

First Phase:

Install and configure Asterix for PC to PC communication. Should have provisions to create Extensions so that those can be called upon. Right now we have the software installed and configured, in which we face problems with the audio. So either the same installation can be reconfigured to avoid any issues or a fresh installation can take place.

Second Phase:

Once the first phase is completed successfully, the second phase is to configure asterix to handle external calls (either from landline or from mobile devices and the vice versa). This needs to be worked out based on different alternate solutions available and based on the suggestions the decision will be taken.

Third phase:

In this phase, we would like to have the extension creation automated based on our external program and should be configurable. The more details will be provided on when we reach this phase.

Right now we are looking forward for the first phase, and on successful completion we shall work forward with the other phases.