Voicetronix and Zaptel

Hi all,

to install correctly Asterisk to use Voicetronix card,
do I need to use Zaptel ?

Thanks in advance


I would say yes,
have a look here

ok, I loaded correctly the modules, but I cannot see the voicetronix card tp use the zaptel drivers for timing

Module Size Used by
zaptel 190304 0
vpbhp 380900 0

on which OS are you working ???

I think you should see something here :

Linux FC4 kernel version
I’m using the vpb driver vpb-driver-3-0 and Asterisk version 1.2.71.
I have an OpenSwitch6 card.

Using “sudo service zaptel start” i have this issue

Loading zaptel framework: [ OK ]
Waiting for zap to come online…OK
Loading zaptel hardware modules: tor2 wct4xxp wct1xxp wcte11xp wcfxo wctdmRunning ztcfg: ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: No such device or address (6)