VoiceMailMain skip password check


I am trying to replicate an existing asterisk installation to another server. When I try to login to retreive messages I hear a prompt “Comedian mail, mailbox”. This is happening inspite of passing parameter “s” to skip password check. The trace looks as follows:

– Executing [s@xxxxxxx:8] VoiceMailMain(“H323/ip$xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:10751/27260”, “1234567,s”) in new stack
– <H323/ip$xxx.xx.xxx.xxx:10751/27260/1234567> Playing ‘vm-login.gsm’ (language ‘en’)
WARNING[32084]: app_voicemail.c:8885 vm_authenticate: Couldn’t read username

Corresponding line in the dialplan is “exten => n,8,VoicemailMain(${VMEXTEN},s)”

Can somebody provide any pointers for troubleshooting?