Does anyone know if there is an extension or some IVR were users can dial first letters of a name and get a mail box? I need some way after hours and people call in for them to choose a mail box. if I transfer them to 8500 they get the voicemail login.


exten => 347,1,Directory(default)
exten => 347,n,Hangup

Will look them and dial them, so you just need to create a context that drops the call staright to VM if thats whats reqd.


That gets my to the directory search but I dont get any matches. What field is being compared?

hi pmossman

the directory() applications looks up users by the user name field in voicemail.conf


123 => 0000,John Doe,jd@abc.com

from voip-info
Presents the user with a directory of extensions from which they may select by name. This feature is known as ‘Dial by name’ on other vendors systems. The list of names and extensions is discovered from voicemail.conf…
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … +Directory



forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … highlight=

For details of what to look for.

As with many things in asterisk the answer is as simple as

“show application Directory” etc