Voicemail(wav file) sent to a windows mobile phone

Hello all,
I have my voicemail setup so that it will email me the wav file when I get a voicemail. It sends the email but I cannot open it, it always says its an invalid file type, even if I save it and open it with an app for audio… anyone have any ideas? I have tried all options in voicemail.conf so wav,gsm…

hi. chech that it’s not WAV as this is not the same as wav the latter will open on wm6 wereas the latter won’t

what are properties of the file when opened in sound recorder or wavepad


my windows mobile 6 phone, sees it as a Voicemail Sound Attachment, and it doesnt show up as MSG0000.WAV, like it does when I log into my webmail and check it? I am sure this is a windows mobile problem and not an asterisk one, but maybe someone has run into this before?


if its a WAV then windowsmobile6 wont open it but if its .wav it does, I dont have a WM6 phone any more but used to and always worked for me.

Make sure in voicemail.conf its wav,gsm,WAV for file types.