Converting WAV to MP3

Just a small question about converting WAV voicemails to MP3. I will be delivering the voicemails recorded through Asterisk via email and from what I have found Asterisk makes the voicemail recordings in WAV format. I would like to deliver these audio files in MP3 format. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I could convert the files from WAV to MP3 easily? Does anyone have any ideas?

I was initially thinking of installing a software package that would convert (every X hours) any wav files in X folder to MP3 and place them in Y folder. Does this seem like a sound idea? If so, any ideas on which software would do this?

Thanks for your help!

That sounds like a good idea. It’s definitely better emailing (compressed) mp3s than (uncompressed) wav files. If you knew all recipients had access to a player that can decode ogg files, you’d probably be better of encoding them to ogg. ‘lame’ is what you use for encoding wav files to mp3 (or ogg).

It would probably be a smart idea to set up the voicemail config in extensions.conf so that the voicemail messages are encoded, and then the wav files deleted, immediately after the message has been left. That way, you don’t have to worry about doing it in batches.

so has anyone out there created a solution to send the voicemail attachments as mp3 files? I’m lookin for the same thing. Any thoughts on using the externnotify option or mailcmd option to run the outgoing message through a filter to make the conversion?

I need this functionality but would hate to write it if it has already been done.



I am sure that this has already been done. Using the LAME compressor?

However would you want to offload this to another server for processing?