Voicemail very Choppy

I’ve been going around and around in circles on this. When someone calls into my system and goes to Voicemail, the voicemail is very choppy. I have loaded ztdummy (as best as I know since there is nothing out there that helps you figure out if it is installed or not).

I have read things about silence supression, but have no clue on how to turn that off or on.

I’m running Zaptel, Asterisk 1.4.

Can someone please help me out here…

By the way, I’m using this on a vmware instance to test. Can’t get a good indication if it will work if i keep getting choppy voice.

you are really better off buying a cheap desktop to test your system. vmware may not give you good sound quality.

Yeah I have figured out that, vmware’s time sync issue is causing all the problems…

You can test this if you are unsure about it by calling and letting voicemail start up, and at the same time doing a ntpdate and running that as quickly as you can. You will see that the voice quality gets much better if you can get it quick enough.

That’s a tip for everyone else if they are doing a search on this very same problem…