Voicemail, skip recording busy message? - solved

Hello World. By user request, I’ve been configuring voicemail to only greet voicemail messages with the Unavailable message (option u as in: Voicemail(${SAC_DIALED_EXTEN}@foo,u) ) which makes it simpler for my users. Only one greeting to manage. But when setting up voicemail, they still hear the “Press 1 to record your Unavailable message, Press 2 to record your Busy message”. I’ve been searching for a way to have them not hear option 2. Is this a well hidden configuration option, or am I stuck unless I dig into source and recompile. I’ve been searching for clues, but may be asking the wrong question(s) in my search.

It might be easier to just re-record the voicemail menu prompt(s) to not include option 2.


You just beat me over the head with the obvious. Thank You! I was too close to the problem and thinking like a programmer.