Use the same voicemail greeting for busy and unavailable

Is it possible to set the voicemail system up that the users only have to record 1 message for busy and unavailable instead of 2 seperate ones?

If so, what is the process?

thank you!

I am also interested in this configuration. Has it been resolved?
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No community member has elected to modify app_voicemail to function in that way, to my knowledge.

Thanks. We use Cisco Call Manager as our PBX and Asterisk for voicemail purposes only. Asterisk doesn’t know when extension is busy or unavailable. If person called is on the phone, call is automatically sent from CUCM to asterisk via sip trunk and drops caller into voicemail box of the extension. I can advise users not to bother recording a busy greeting, but would rather not present the option as part of startup.