Changing VoiceMailMain prompts

When voicemail owners call into their voicemail, and choose mailbox options, they are given the option to press:

1 Record your unavailable message
2 Record your busy message
3 Record your name
4 Record your temporary message (new in Asterisk v1.2)
5 Change your password

  • Return to the main menu

However, I want to remove the presence of either option 1 or option 2, and ask Allison to re-record the message for the remaining option. Can I suppress the playing of 1 or 2 through any conf or dialplan files, or is this all hardcoded in the VoiceMailMain program?



I believe its hardcoded and you’d need to edit the prompt.

You could just edit the prompt and then always call voicemail() with ‘u’ so it goes unavailable…