Voicemail Redirected to Asterisk from Avaya

I am experimenting with the Asterisk PBX software in conjunction with my Avaya s8700. I would like to have calls to certain extensions transferred to the Asterisk voicemail system for processing if the call is not answered in time.

I have set up a new Coverage Path on the Avaya:

[code]display coverage path 302

               Coverage Path Number: 302
                                              Hunt after Coverage? n
                   Next Path Number:          Linkage


Station/Group Status    Inside Call     Outside Call
         Active?             y              y
           Busy?             y              y
   Don't Answer?             y              y         Number of Rings: 3
            All?             n              n

DND/SAC/Goto Cover? y y


Terminate to Coverage Pts. with Bridged Appearances? n

Point1: h40 Rng: Point2: Point3:
Point4: Point5: Point6:[/code]

Here is hunt-group 40 as specified in the Coverage Path:

[code]display hunt-group 40 Page 1 of 60

        Group Number: 40                               ACD? n
          Group Name: Asterisk Voicemail             Queue? n
     Group Extension: 3334                          Vector? n
          Group Type: ucd-mia                Coverage Path:
                  TN: 1          Night Service Destination:
                 COR: 50                   MM Early Answer? n
       Security Code:
 ISDN Caller Display:

display hunt-group 40 Page 2 of 60

                       Message Center: qsig-mwi
                    Voice Mail Number: 6666

Routing Digits (e.g. AAR/ARS Access Code):

                 Send Reroute Request: y

                        LWC Reception: none
                           AUDIX Name:


When a call is sent to Coverage Path 3 the phone rings three times then transfers to extension 6666 on the Asterisk system which is voicemail. The problem is that once the call reaches the Asterisk system I can not find what extension was originally dialed. CDR Destination shows the voicemail extension 6666 and CDR Source shows the extension that made the call originally.

Any ideas where I might be going wrong?

how do you have the avaya connected to the asterisk? via an analog line or do you have a SIP trunk going from the avaya to asterisk?


I am using an H323 trunk to connect the Avaya and Asterisk. This post shows my complete configuration: forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php?t=68821

Thanks for your help.