Group Voicemail Thoughts

Okay, second new message today. I’m on a roll!

I’ve got a client that is using the group voicemail features of ABE and so far they’re pretty sad. Yeah, I can do vm broadcasts but there’s currently a limit of 255 characters so I can’t hit all of the employee mailboxes. I’m currently talking to Digium about getting that fixed so in the mean time I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this. Specifically, calling an AGI that will handle some group voicemail functions.

This is what I’m thinking: Instead of setting up voicemail broadcast lists I’d like to set up individual mailboxes and write an AGI that would handle the broadcasting and deleting of messages left in those boxes. This would allow me to forward an email to a group (which I can’t do now) and would get me around the 255 character limit (although that may not be an issue since Digium has been working on it for a few weeks and I’m hoping to have a fix soon). Either way, forwarding to a group would make my year and I’m not sure where that is in the scheme of things Digium is working on.

Does it sound like I’m crazy? I don’t know Perl but that isn’t an issue as I’ll buy a book and figure things out.

Thanks for your input!


Nobody has any thoughts to add? Come on! Someone here has to be using the group voicemail features!

i’m using postfix and Asterisk on the same box.
voicemail is configured to send mail with attachment to one adres then postfix send it to 4 diffrent e-mail account
after mailing asterisk delete wav file
(104 => 104,104,,delete=1)

We’ve actually got that set up too. Unfortunately, the owner of the company doesn’t care for his voicemail to come into his email box. They’re HUGE into voicemail by itself and are asking for features that kind of work but aren’t fully fleshed out in Asterisk yet.