Voicemail IVR quality issues using Linksys SPA-2102


I am experiencing IVR playback quality problems when accessing asterisk voicemail using a linksys spa-2102. I am using Asterisk 1.4.18 and codec g729 (I have a couple g729 licenses loaded on the asterisk box). g711 codecs give me similar results. Please note that the asterisk server is not behind a NAT.

The IVR sounds like its hurried. The really weird thing is that I do not have this issue accessing vm using [Counterpath] Eyebeam. Also, when using the ata to make and receiving calls via my VOIP trunk on the asterisk box, everything works perfectly. Must be the linksys ata to Asterisk interop issue, and I am clueless as to what setting can alleviate the problem. I played around with many settings including the jitter buffer setting on the ata but still no success.

Ideas anyone?

Please advise,