Voicemail consultation problem


A user who uses my Asterisk made me part of a worry about listening to his voicemails. He has received 4 voicemails on January 3, respectively at 3H00 pm, 3H36 pm, 3H41 pm and 4H40 pm. He has received notifications by e-mail at these times.
On first listen to his messages, at 8.00 pm, Asterisk has announced two new voicemails(15H00 and 15H36). He has erased thos voicemails.
At 8.30pm , he has called again the Asterisk voicemail. Asterisk announced him two messages (15H41 and 16H40).

I don’t have any Asterisk logs .

A person have an idea of what may have caused the fact that my user did not, in the first call, heard his 4 messages?

Thank you.

No one have ane idea? :confused:


This problem happen 3 times in a month for this user. He receive a lot of important voicemails so, this is a real problem for him.
Is somebody have an idea (configuration problemes, bug in asterisk…)


I use Asterisk .