Voicemail attachments and email

In 1.2 you could have * email your attachment and not save the voicemail or notify your of it. I just switched to 1.4b3 and can not figure out where to set the delete and attach settings.

my old vm.conf looked like this:
102 => xxx,Greg Kennedy,gregkennedy@xxx.com,attach=yes|delete=yes

I would not even get a notify on my phones before. Now i do, any ideas?

No one has any idea? It is really annoying when something works perfectly and then they change the system behavior. I am sure there must be a setting in the config, but if i am defining my people in users.conf they dont have anything in voicemail.conf. Should i jsut break down and create the entry in voicemail.conf?

Ok, so i added an entry in voicemail.conf and it works, but this is something that shouldnt be needed. It should either be in the users.conf or in the general section of the voicemail.conf.

Any one else seeing this?