Voice to Email Black Box possible?


I need to move house but I need to keep the phone number. So far it looks like the only option is simply divert calls to another number (land line or mobile) which could be costly. However, what I would REALLY like to do is have an answering message and record ALL voice messages and email them as attachments to one of my email addresses. If I could:

  • have an Asterisk black box that would do the message playing, voice recording and emailing

  • find a friendly neighbour in my current exchange area who was prepared to have a second phone line (at my cost) with the black box attached (that they never had to touch)

  • and this friendly neighbour allowed me a LAN connection to their ADSL connection

it seems like I could do what I wanted - is this possible?



Yes. Asterisk voicemail will email recordings.

Why not get your number ported out to a voip provider and get that voip trunk connectd to a system at your new house.

simpler cheaper and better

Thanks guys, I will look into those suggestions more closely.

Should I have received your posts as emails? . . didn’t get anything . .



You should receive an email saying there is a post, but without its contents.