Play sound and continu in the dial plan

hello all !

I am trying to do a lot of things in my dialplan!
In fact I do vocal recognition.
and I have to do :
1: playback()
2: voice recognition !

and I want that to play sound and during the song execute the exten of voice recognition…

In fact, I want to do an other exten during a son played!

anybody have an idea??

To my knowledge there is no open source software to do this. You can try I have never used it but I have heard good things about it.

but I have to pay for that?!

Yes !! Shockingly not everything out there is free

People using asterisk know it's free and expect everything that they need for it to be free as well. A BIG part of the asterisk code is written by the asterisk community. If you don't like the way something is have some one write it up for you. The folks at LumenVox have created a very good product but decided to charge for it. They have every right to. Will you demand free water from the store since there is no TAX on breathing ? If you want it for less try creating a bounty.