Voice problem sometimes

Hi there all i am kinda new to this asterisk game but i am trying…

i have a problem with an asterisk box i built, if i call an extention and try to talk they can not here me and i can not here them.

How ever if My side or there side, this dos not matter, puts the call on hold, you can here the music on hold with no problem, then when you take it off of hold, we can the here each other talk and carry on a conversation as normal.

I have tryed to search but no luck…

Can some here help me out??

Best regards,

How are you “talking” to them? What kind of connection is it?
Are you going through a VOIP provider?

Do you have a firewall setup?

this is using 2 software sip phones (X-Lite) across a lan neather system has a personal firewall on them eather…

The echo test also works with no problems…