[Voice mail]app_voicemail.c


I’m a new user of asterisk…
I want to modify the code of app_voicemail.c to change the test of the password when a user connect to is voice mail.

The user don’t enter the number of the voice mail (with ${CALLERIDNUM}), he enter only the password. But when he want to connect with an other voice mail he want to enter the number of the voice mail and the password!!! For this i have think that when the user enter a * for the password, that make that the voice mail and the password are asking.

My problem is how detect the * (what i want to modify in app_voicemail.c) and demand the number and the password of the voice mail.

My english is not very good, i hope that you are understand my problem,
thank you for your help

Hi Carlos,

I think this is the exact behaviour of the voicemail app as it si written.

Look at the wiki to find out more about using the s option.



Thks for your help…