Voice Delay Echo

Hi, I’ve recently installed Asterisk on a test server. We add 2 users to our “User Extensions” list and that’s fine. We dial each other and we both pick up, however as the call goes on… or within a few seconds, the voice delay gradually gets bigger to the point where we’re both waiting almost 5-10 seconds until we hear a response from the other party…

What settings could be causing this? Or is this a common problem? Bearing in mind, we’re testing it over a LAN connection where both parties are sitting 10 metres away. :question:

Sounds like you might have a transcoding issue. Your hardware may not be able to keep up.

If your two clients are both the same, you might try enabling re-invites. That will make it so the SIP packets do not pass through the Asterisk server on the way to the other client.

I recently installed debian etch + asterisk 1.2
created 2 extentions with freepbx
i tested a call from one extention located outside my LAN to my IP phone located in my local LAN (have a natted LAN)
i hear my voice reaching the other side about 5 to 10 sec after
the voice quiality is good
can it be because im using a free g729 i found on the web?
what is re-invite?
thanks a lot for your help

anyone can help please?

As dufus suggested your hardware may not be up to par with what you are trying to do. You want to enable re-invites. (This will not work if you are behind NAT). To do this in sip.con set canreinvite=yes. Also the free G729 codecs that you have found on the web are illegal.

thanks dovid for your help
I have another PC (celeron 1.2ghz Intel mainboard) with debian and asterisk but i dont have this problem at all.
In this other pc (celeron 1.7ghz pcchips mainboard) I do have the problem
both PC’s use in the same network configuration (natted)
So I am guessing is something with the asterisk configuration.
Im using g729 just for test and study purposes only
thanks again

Celeron chips have a problem that they do not have a large on board cache. Also when using G729 there is a lot o CPU usage (if you are trans coding). What is the CPU usage during the call ? What is the memory usage like ?

Dovid, those are my home pc’s, i have about 5 extentions created and I only have one call at the time.
thanks again

It doesn’t hurt to check the CPU usage. I have seen some weird stuff over the years. Also what version of gcc are you using ?