VMNotify Module - CallBack Timeout - Queue

Hi All,

I’ve recently installed Asterisk and have been playing around with the voicemail functionality. My main purpose for installing was to try and put together a platform that would queue voicemail messages to our ACD agents on a legacy system.

I purchased the commercially available VMNotify module and have it up and running. I can leave a VM on my Asterisk system and it automatically calls me (or the ACD in question) back when a message is received.

Here is my issue… Since I’m trying to queue these messages to an ACD agent, I don’t want Asterisk to keep hanging up and retrying when someone doesn’t pick up. It’s causing the callback to lose it’s place in my ACD queue. Ideally I’d like to be able to edit the timer so that I can change it to maybe 60 seconds.

I’ve been poking around in directories trying to see if I can find where that particular timer is set, but am not having any luck. Could someone maybe point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Scott,

Not sure how helpful I can be but here it goes…

I am assuming it’s stopping the call and trying again due to the ring timeout configured in freepbx. I don’t use freepbx but from googling it, it suggests (Settings → Advanced Settings) Look for “Ringtime Default”.

If that doesn’t help you might explain your setup a little more. Especially how asterisk interfaces with the legacy pbx.


Hi JA,

Thanks for the tip! I took a look and modified that setting, but it doesn’t seem to have helped. That particular threshold was set at 15 seconds… My calls are terminating at 30 seconds. I’ve looked through the config page to see if there are any other 30 second timers which could be the culprit. I found another, but changing it didn’t have a positive impact.

In my current call flow, I’m sending the calls through my Cisco CUCM (v9) platform and then out to an Avaya CM 3.x system. This is just for testing, in a production environment, I’d take the CUCM out of the mix, but for the time being, it’s easier to use it.

I was thinking that the CUCM might be to blame, but I’m able to hold up a call in the “ringing” state between CUCM and the Avaya for much longer than 30 seconds.

I’m going to pull a quick SIP debug from Asterisk and see if I can get to the bottom of this one.

Thank you!

Well, I’ve completed a bit more testing… It seems like the issue must be with a VM Notify timer.

If I call an Asterisk extension that is forwarded directly to my Avaya, I’ve been able to keep the call up and ringing for over 2 minutes without issue. It’s only when VM Notify sets up a call that it times out.

Just a recap of how I’ve got this configured at the moment…

SIP Trunk from AsteriskNow to Cisco UCM
Trunk from Cisco UCM to Gateway and out to Avaya ACD

Two extensions built on AsteriskNow.

1003 - This forwards directly to VM
1010 - This is a “connector” extension which routes to an AsteriskNow " Misc Destination.
The Misc Destination dials the extension of the Avaya.
The Misc Destination dialed digits match an Outbound Route dial pattern.
Outbound Route dial pattern sends the call to the Cisco UCM SIP trunk.
Cisco UCM sends the call to the Avaya.

Scenario #1 - Call Asterisk extension 1010 directly.

–Dial 1010
–Call is routed from AsteriskNow to Cisco UCM and then to Avaya ACD.
–Call queues on the Avaya for over 2+ minutes, no issues.

Scenario #2 - Call Asterisk extension 1003.

–Dial 1003
–Call is forwarded to Asterisk voicemail.
–Leave message.
–Voicemail box configured for VMNofity application.
–VMNotify configured to send call out notification by dialing Asterisk extension 1010.
–Call is routed from Asterisk to Cisco UCM and ultimately Avaya ACD.
–Call queues for 30 seconds and is torn down.

So it seems that by testing with scenario #1, we are eliminating any timers in Asterisk itself or in the UCM or Avaya. It’s only when VMNotify is placing a call that we run into the 30 second timer.

I’m thinking it must be configurable somewhere, but it’s not GUI configurable.


Possibly stating the obvious but why not have VM notify just call your custom extension then which will tout to avatar with no timeout issues?. Not sure how VM notify works but if it adds some dialplan then there is probably a timeout specified in the dial command:


If so this could possibly be modified