VM to Email (from) name change?

I have Asterisk 1.8 running on CentOS 6.0 with voicemail to email. My email client is ssmtp.
When I leave a vm I get the email from Asterisk the incoming email address is correct, but the from says “root”. How do I change the from name?
When I sent email directly from ssmtp it works correctly so I know it’s something in voicemail.conf file.

Here is a copy from my web email client when I get a vm to email message :
From: [color=#800000]root[/color] [voip@mydomain.com]
Subject: [PBX]: New message 14 in mailbox 7002

That is the name of the linux session who send the mail. So Your session sender is root, that field correspond for the user description you can modify with usermod -c

Isn’t -c the comment switch?

How can I change the session user to admin? Does that require running the asterisk service with another account?
If so, how do I change that?

I would not advise running Asterisk non-root given your apparent level of Unix knowledge.

If you used sendmail, you could override the From: address, but even that isn’t the squeamish. You appear to be using a minority MTA, which may well have traded configuration simplicity for flexibility.

Is my Linux knowledge that obvious :smiley:
The username showing isn’t that big of a deal.

This gives me the opportunity to learn CentOS and Asterisk.

Thanks for the help.

I have a setup similar to yours here is what i have done:

In /etc/passwd i changed root’s name, this will change how all of root’s email appears, run this:
chfn -f “****” root changing the asterisks to what you want root’s email to send as (name), you will still login or su with “root” you are chaning root’s entry root:x:0:0:*****:/root:/bin/bash

also in ssmtp make sure you have these two lines:

and in voicemail.conf:
fromstring = blah blah blah
emailsubject = you have a new blah blah