Case by Case VM to email?

I am just looking to see if anyone else has encountered the same question with forwarding voicemails to email.

Currently I have everything set up and working with (ssmtp) all vm’s getting forwarded to my email, but because I answer the phone rarely I am getting a lot of emails. (duh)

Is there a way, within the vm app, to specify that a particular keystroke sends an email of a particular message? So that only the VMs I choose get sent instead of everything. I’ve looked around and found nothing.

I am only using the emailed vm’s for reference and would not be working solely off of them. Just a cya for the occassional “I never said that!”

Last resort would be to turn off emailing on reg vm box, setup dummy box with vm to email on and simply forward those VMs I choose to the dummy which then gets emailed to me and deleted from the system.


One thing that comes to mind and I might not fully understand what you want. Setup another mailbox and set it so it can email you then turn the email feature off on your current mailbox. Then when you review your mesages forward the ones you want emailed to the other mailbox.


that is, as poted, my “last resort”


so you’re looking for a feature added to the voicemail system that, as you’re listening to messages, you can press ‘5’ (or whatever) and have it sent to an email address as an attachment?

if so, i would assume the keypress part wouldn’t be that hard, but how to determine what email to send to? if that is somethign that can be parsed from voicemail.conf (which it should be, given that it’s a specific field) then this feature SHOULD be something that could be added via a patch.

anyone good at C?


Maybe I am at the last resort, I’ve got no C skills.

Thanks for your time,