Asterisk Voicemail to email to ISP SMTP

Hi all,

Finished installing CeentOS 5.4 with Asterisk and freepbx

Everything works like a charm.

The only issues is voicemail to email.
This is my Home system, and I setup the users with my ISP`s email acounts, yet the messages lefgt in the voicemail is not getting sent to the email accounts at the providers. I have all my emails with my provider, so I have the smtp username and password.

I`ve googled this and havent found a document explaining on how to do this when you have CentOS, Asterisk and Freepbx installed from source.

Does anyone know where I could find such a howto or send me in the proper direction? I’m fairly adequate in Linux and Asterisk, but not sure how this function actually works. I know there’s something related to sendmail and/or postfix…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In voicemail.conf is the line

mailcmd=/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

That is about the extent to witch asterisk is in control of sending email. I suggest you try sending mail from the command line using the ISP’s SMTP server as a “mailhub” just to make sure you really can send mail. After that /var/log/mail.* might be a good place to look.

Ok I got it to work… Thanks

Please post your solution. I am having the same problem. Thanks!


Post some info about you setup (asterisk, MTA, etc…) and i’m sure we will be happy to help. Also are you able to send mail from the command line?